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33Voices was launched 10 years ago to fuel the ambitions of entrepreneurs, help them grow as people and connect them with the best thinking and thinkers on the planet - Each day, we feature an interview from a highly influential roster of thought leaders, authors, founders, creatives, and senior executives to deconstruct the hidden insights that only those who are building breakthrough ventures can reveal. 

Feb 22, 2019

In their continuing dialogue - Moe and Kapil Gupta explore a favorite topic - The Mind.  How to navigate its traps, how to identify its Truth; and how to dismantle its stories.  

Feb 20, 2019

Lightspeed Ventures Partner Nicole Quinn and Jenna discuss how being curious, asking the right questions, and having the courage to be a brave thinker empowers us to create bigger outcomes. 

Feb 13, 2019

Wild One Co-founder Minali Chatani and Jenna discuss how following your curiosity stimulates your creativity and offers you new experiences. Minali also shares a simple way to design routines we can actually stick to and the importance of waking up with the intention of celebrating your daily wins. 

Feb 11, 2019

Indie Lee and Jenna discuss making the choice to live the life we truly want to be living right now, using joy as our life compass, and striving to make the most out of every moment. 

Feb 9, 2019

Jungian master, Dr. James Hollis joins Moe Abdou to explore the unconscious patterns that trap us into living shallow lives.