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Dec 16, 2021

“The closest thing I can find to a meaning of life is finding a way to love. If we can all find a way to love life, to love reality, I have to believe that catapults our existence into some holy other place.” Decades of walking with patients through serious illness and end of life has shaped a personal goal for Mettle Health Co-founder and hospice and palliative medicine physician Dr.BJ Miller: ‘to love what he has while he has it,’ not to appreciate it when he’s lost it or is about to.A beloved educator and speaker, Dr.Miller illuminates death as an invitation to live. For him, that means opening himself up to feel. In our conversation, he awakens us to the countless ways we can embrace the gift of being alive. We delve into savoring our connection to life, expanding our capacity to feel, and seeking expansive experiences. His sincerity and vitality make an indelible impression on your heart.