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33Voices was launched 10 years ago to fuel the ambitions of entrepreneurs, help them grow as people and connect them with the best thinking and thinkers on the planet - Each day, we feature an interview from a highly influential roster of thought leaders, authors, founders, creatives, and senior executives to deconstruct the hidden insights that only those who are building breakthrough ventures can reveal. 

Nov 19, 2023

Remembrance is the first step we take with renowned coach and Reboot CEO and Co-founder Jerry Colonna in his new book, Reunion: Leadership and the Longing to Belong. At its heart, it’s an invitation towards deeper connection to our ancestors, ourselves, and each other. Each reader's path unfolds uniquely—through...

Nov 12, 2023

When Parker Palmer was approaching his seventies, he turned to a group of trusted friends to help him understand “what it meant to grow older in this particular dimension of life.” The process birthed one of my favorite questions he asks… What do I want to let go of? And, what do I want to give myself to?


Nov 2, 2023

The soul’s liberation of realizing “I am” was amongst my first learnings from Zainab Salbi.

A world renowned humanitarian, Zainab founded Women for Women International when she was 23 and dedicated decades to offering both human connection and $146 million of aid to over 400,000 women survivors of war and...